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“Sell My House Fast Oklahoma City, OK“
We Buy Houses Cash!

Fast, fair, and honest cash offer for your Oklahoma City house! With our proven track record, you get the best offer every time!

Company That Buys Houses Oklahoma City

“Lance helped me in the sale of my brother’s property for medical reasons. He needed it done quickly and The Home Buying Guys didn’t mess around. We barely had to lift a finger. They offered more for the property than anybody else did. I would recommend them to anyone and will use them again if I decide to sell my own property.”

Jesse Campuzano

Cash For Houses Company Oklahoma City

Home Buying Guys is a trusted real estate company in Oklahoma City. When we buy your house, you can get cash for it despite doing very little to it. You don’t need to arrange an inspection or repairs or spend thousands sprucing it up for staging and open houses. We buy houses as-is in absolutely any condition!

Cash Home Buyers

We’re Lance and Adam, aka the Home Buying Guys, and we’re here to help sell your house simply and stress-free!

Cash House Buyer Oklahoma City

With 20 years of real estate investing experience, we love helping homeowners escape challenging financial situations by making fair cash offers for houses. We buy houses, duplexes, apartments, condos, townhouses, and vacant land for cash! You don’t need to pay agent fees, commissions, or closing costs.

We handle all the headaches, hassles, and worries when you need to sell your house, so you don’t have to. We’re here to help you sell your home fast!

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We Buy Houses Oklahoma City In All Situations

Certain life events may require you to sell your Oklahoma City house fast. Home Buying Guys can buy your house fast in those cases. Perhaps your house is scheduled for auction due to foreclosure, or you could sell a rental and retire somewhere. When you’re up against a tight deadline, you won’t have time for minor fixes like fresh paint or essential yard work. You need to sell now and fast!

We buy houses in OKThreat of foreclosure

Can no longer afford your mortgage payments and the tax liens levied against your property, so you want out of your situation?

We buy houses in OKInherited unwanted property

Are you living out of state and unable to manage the maintenance and upkeep of your inherited house? You can sell before probate is complete!

We buy houses in OKRelocating for job or family reasons

Do you have a new job requiring you to relocate elsewhere, or have you decided to move to another place to raise your family?

We buy houses in OKNumerous and costly repairs

Has deferred maintenance sunk your house in such disrepair that you’d rather sell the property than deal with the expense?

We buy houses in OKGoing Through Divorce

Are you going through a painful chapter in your life and want to sell your properties so you can heal faster?

We buy houses in OKDon’t want to deal with tenants

Do you want to retire from dealing with bad tenants who are always delayed with payments and trashing your property?

No matter what situation you are in, we will find the solution that is right for you. We make it easy to sell and will make you an offer free of any hassles or commitments. To learn more about us and what we can offer, contact our team today! (866) 847-3565

Investor Home Buyers Oklahoma City

I recently sold my home to Home Buying Guys. The entire process was smooth as glass with no hiccups or glitches. Once I got my property info to them I had a cash offer later that day which was very fair – especially since they covered all closing costs and I didn’t have to do anything to the house! These guys are super honest, straightforward, and they do what they promise to do. I now have my proceeds and after a 30 day lease back with $0 rent (!) I’m happily moved. Thank you Home Buying Guys! I’d give you ten stars if I could…

Jeri Carder Pardue

How Do I Sell My House Fast For Cash In Oklahoma City?

Sell your house fast for cash in Oklahoma City with our quick and straightforward home sale process!

We’re here to help you find a solution. Since we buy houses for cash in Oklahoma City, you won’t need to deal with stagings, showings, and endless open houses that could throw a wrench in your plans. We close by the date you need to sell!

Step 1

Contact us

How do I sell my house fast in Oklahoma City?

Simply fill out our form and we’ll start working on your offer!

Step 2

We make a cash offer

How to sell my house Oklahoma City

Get a no-obligation, all-cash deal for your house within 24 hours!

Step 3

You get your cash

How to sell my house fast Oklahoma City

Close when you choose…we even cover all closing costs for you!

We Buy Houses For Cash in Oklahoma City!


When you sell your Oklahoma City house for cash, you don’t have to do anything to your property beforehand. Flooded basement? Cracked and bowed walls? Termite infestation? Those don’t turn us off. Just leave it to us! You don’t have to pay for all those repairs and clean-ups–we buy houses in absolutely any condition!


Stagings, open houses, and buyer negotiations can easily add months to the process when you sell with a real estate agent. Not to mention all those commissions eating away at your profit. Unlike a traditional sale, we buy directly as cash buyers when you sell your house to us, so you skip all of those!


Inspection costs, repairs, staging costs, realtor fees add up quickly, leaving you with less cash than you expect from your house sale. Your time and energy trying to find trustworthy contractors and real estate agents also cost money! Save all that when you sell your Oklahoma City house to us at Home Buying Guys!

We Buy Houses Cash Fast Oklahoma City

What People Are Saying

We Buy Houses Oklahoma City - Trust
Sell your home Oklahoma City
We buy houses Oklahoma City

Where We Buy Houses Oklahoma City

We buy houses fast for cash in Oklahoma City and all surrounding areas, including Tulsa and all over Oklahoma! As professional real estate investors, we buy houses without the hassle and always pay cash. We also buy townhouses, condos, and mobile homes.

Whatever condition your house is in, we don’t judge. We’ve been in the real estate business long enough to have seen it all, and ugly houses don’t faze us. We’re here to help make your house-selling experience in Oklahoma City as smooth and headache free as possible!

Sell your house fast in Oklahoma City no matter where you are! If you want to sell your house quickly, fill out our form below so we can get started! We buy fast!

Advantages Of A Cash Home Buying Company In Oklahoma City

We work differently than Oklahoma City buyers and real estate agents. We help homeowners who feel trapped or burdened. We’ll manage all the details to help you sell stress-free. Before you sign any contracts, you can find out more about who we are, your selling alternatives, and what we can do for you. There is zero stress or hassle involved.

We help sell your Oklahoma City house as fast as possible so you can make the best decision. Contact us today at (866) 847-3565 to learn more about our methodology and how we work!

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Cash For Houses Oklahoma City

Forget about listing it in the open market to sell, hoping and praying for a buyer to come. When you sell your house to us, you’re not hassled by dealing with a real estate agent and their fees. You don’t have to wait for the buyer’s loan to get approved. And you don’t even have to haggle about repair credits! If you want all the benefits of a fast cash sale in Oklahoma City, we’ll buy your house!

Cash For Houses Oklahoma City

Our Client’s Testimonials

Cash For Your House In Oklahoma City OK
Sell House For Cash Oklahoma City
Sell Your House Fast in Oklahoma City
Selling Your Home Fast Oklahoma City OK
Sell Your House Fast Oklahoma City
Sell Your Home Oklahoma City
Cash For Your House Oklahoma City
Cash For Your Home Oklahoma City

Sell Your House In Oklahoma City The Easy Way

We differ from typical cash home buyers and real estate agents. Our major goal is to assist people trapped or burdened by an unwanted house. We’ll do everything to help you sell stress-free. Learn about us, your selling alternatives, and our services before signing any contracts! There is never any stress or hassle. We help sell your house as simply as possible. We want you to choose wisely. Contact us today to learn more about our methodology and how we buy! (866) 847-3565

Competitive Cash Offer

Do other “We Buy Houses” companies give cash? Knowing the local real estate market, we make a better offer for your house!

No Cleaning Required

Are you concerned about that faded carpet or wallpaper? Junk garage? Cleaning is pointless. Pack your essentials, and let us sell fast!

Sell Without Repairs

Can’t afford it or don’t want to deal with repairs? We will handle all repairs after closing, and you won’t have to fix anything.

Close When You Choose

We can just close on your timeline. You choose the closing date, whether two weeks or 12 months, it’s up to you.

No Commissions Or Fees

Avoid realtor fees! Sell your house to us without any extra fees. Everything offered is yours to keep!

We Buy In As-is Condition

You don’t need to clean or do repairs to sell. We buy homes as-is, regardless of their condition.

Selling a House For Cash In Oklahoma City FAQs

Why is a cash offer better for a seller?

A cash offer eliminates the uncertainty of a funded buyer’s loan acceptance. If they’re declined, the buy will fall through, and your Oklahoma City house will stay on the market longer—it may even expire! If you want a fast sale, work with a cash buyer like Home Buying Guys.

Can you sell a house in 5 days?

If you’re performing a standard house sale and thinking, “I want to sell my Oklahoma City house fast, like in 5 days!” that’s practically impossible. Even with a top realtor in a hot market, house sales take 30–90 days. Listing agents, title firms, real estate attorneys, and escrow agents charge fees. Title searches and liens must be settled during closing.

Need to sell your house fast? It’s doable with a cash buyer like us! Real estate transactions are simple and fast at Home Buying Guys. After we make a cash offer, you can start examining the contract conditions the same day and close in 7 days! That is a reasonable amount of time to finish the closing procedure. You don’t have to worry about closing charges, saving time and money!

What is the fastest way to sell a house?

The fastest way for an owner to sell his house in Oklahoma City is with cash buyers like us. Not only is there no loan approval from financial institutions involved, but cash buyers buy homes in as-is condition! You sell your house fast because you don’t have to do any repairs or cleanup. After all, frankly, who has time for that?

Is selling my house for cash a good idea?

It depends on how fast you need the cash and your willingness to devote time, money, and energy. You must approach cash buyers if you want to sell fast and accept a lower price. Sell fast to save time and money! However, if you desire a higher asking price, you might perform renovations that have a big influence on your home’s worth to appeal to more buyers. A new main door, deck, and kitchen overhaul are among these changes.

If extensive renovations seem too expensive, you can fill out our online form to see what you may obtain if you sell your property as is. No strings attached!

What is the best website to find a cash buyer?

The best website to find a cash buyer boils down to preference! With the internet, cash home buyers in Oklahoma City and sellers are more connected than ever. Usually, when you visit the website of a cash-for-houses company, and you fill in your info, all you get is a generic cash deal from a national real estate investor or ibuyer.

At Home Buying Guys, when you fill out our form, you get a fast, fair, and thoughtful offer! We recommend checking out our testimonials!

We’ll Help You Sell Your House Fast in Oklahoma City

Do you have a house to sell in Oklahoma City? Do you want cash in exchange for a property you need to sell? Home Buying Guys can remove that unwanted house from your life and turn it into cash in the blink of an eye.

We are an established real estate solutions business interested in cash home buying transactions in Oklahoma City. You’ll get a done deal in hours and days instead of weeks and months. There are so many benefits when you sell a house for cash. We are dedicated to helping homeowners quickly get cash for their unwanted house, mobile home, townhome, condo, vacation home, rental unit, apartment building, flat, duplex, mobile home park, and any other residential property.

As a seller, you’re probably wondering about our offers to buy. How much will we take, and how much will be left for you? No one wants to sell a house in Oklahoma City if the offer is insultingly lowball or even downright ridiculous. But if you desperately need the proceeds and you’re in a big hurry, you might be forced to settle for a fraction of your home’s appraisal valuation.

Cash offers are made based on the most up-to-date real estate market values and other relevant variables. If we present a cash offer to buy your Oklahoma City house, and you decide to sell, we’ll walk you through the process we used to determine the offer amount. Our objective is full transparency and open lines of communication. We’ll also be available to answer questions and provide support while processing the transaction.

Our cash offers are free. It takes only minutes to get one, and you’re not obligated to accept our bid to sell. Many people request an offer just to see how much they could get. Others want to know what all their options to sell are.

Working with us will save you time, and time is money. Delays can be costly for sellers, especially those behind on mortgage payments, facing foreclosure, divorce, or trying to navigate probate. We can help you vacate the property in days. We might even help you move.

The Easiest Way to Sell Your House in Oklahoma City

As real estate professionals, Home Buying Guys is the easiest way to sell your house in Oklahoma City. Being local investors, we take the time to study the market conditions in the area so you end up with a thoughtful and just offer for your home. We understand the problems and uncertainties you may face when you sell your house, so we’ll do our best to find solutions or at the very least, work around those. We never charge a commission in our commitment to sell your property fast. If you’re still thinking, “I need to sell my house fast,” it’s time to pick up the phone and call us at (866) 847-3565 so we can buy your house ASAP.


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