Are You Looking For A Way To Sell My House As Is Fast?

We are the best at Selling Homes that are not perfect.

  • We can sell your house without costly repairs or renovations.
  • If any minor repairs need to be done we have the crews to do it and we will handle the entire process.
  • We are the best at negotiating inspection repairs.

We Help You Sell Your Home “AS-IS”… Making it As Easy & Stress-Free As Possible!

Some Realtors recommend making cosmetic upgrades to homes before listing like stainless steel appliances and new carpet. But right now the Real Estate Market is so HOT, you don’t always have to make your house perfect to sell it. We are the EXPERTS at guiding you on which repairs to make and not to make. Our goal is to minimize your out of pocket expenses.

Are you avoiding listing your home because you know there are costly needed repairs? We can still sell your home with needed repairs. We are the best at negotiating repairs DURING the inspection process. If we need to make some repairs, our team will handle it all.

We know that the first thing people stress about when putting their house on the market are the inconvenient showings! Our goal is to have a contract the first weekend after your house is listed, minimizing unnecessary showings. Many clients choose to take a weekend getaway, leave us the keys and get an offer when they return.

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Creative Strategies to Sell Your Home and Get Top Dollar
The Home Buying Guys know that every person’s situation is different… and that is why we have so many creative strategies to get you the most money for your home.

“Really genuinely cared about my situation.”

They made it so easy to get out of this out of control property I was dealing with. All along the way they communicated the steps and what I could expect with the process. Really genuinely cared about my situation.

– Kevin C.

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